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for hassle-free excavation work completed on time, every time, S M & A J Gilbert Earthmoving is the way to go!

We are a family owned and operated business with extensive experience serving the Manning Valley community. We offer everything from house site preparation and land clearing to driveway builds and dam cleaning. Better yet - our rates won't hurt your hip pocket.
At S M & A J Gilbert Earthmoving, we are committed to eliminating frustrating and costly downtime. Our team use cutting-edge equipment and machinery to easily tackle all excavation, earthmoving, clearing, cleaning and repair work. You can count on us for quality work that meets your strict deadlines.
To find out more about our earthmoving services, or to request a free on site inspection and quote, be sure to call Gilbert Earthmoving today! We also service the Manning Valley, Gloucester, Great Lakes and surrounding areas.
Excavation — Gilbert S M & A J Earthmoving in Taree, NSW

Key Employees


You can count on the friendly team at Gilbert Earthmoving to provide quality workmanship and practical advice. Our key staff includes:
  • Stephen Gilbert (Owner/operator)
  • Thomas Gilbert (Machine operator)

Specialist equipment


At Gilbert Earthmoving we have the tools to tackle jobs big and small with confidence. Our specialist equipment includes:

  • Two 16-tonne Caterpillar excavators complete with:
    • JB tilt head
    • Blade
    • Sieve bucket with 3m extension (will reach 9m for dam cleaning)
    • Stick rake
    • Ripper
    • Rock/log grab
    • Augers (300/450/600mm with 2m extension)
    • Compaction wheel
    • Various sized buckets
    • Rock hammer
  • 2 x 12-tonne tip trucks and tag trailer
  • Laser level for house/shed sites
  • Smooth Drum Roller
  • 100 horse power CAT tracked bobcat
  • grader blade
  • grapple bucket
  • 4 in 1 tilt bucket
  • forks
All the machinery we use is well maintained and serviced, so you can count on quality work completed to deadline.
Specialist Equipment — Gilbert S M & A J Earthmoving in Taree, NSW



"Steve Gilbert has done a number of jobs for me over the years ranging from dam cleanouts, dam wall repairs, new dam construction to bridge recovery and repositioning. I have been very pleased with his work and have benefitted from Steve's experience and constructive advice on a number of jobs. He is very thorough and has a genuine desire to get the best possible outcome for each job. I particularly like the way the work is finished off and left neat and tidy."

— Elwyn H. (Bunyah)
"Steve, I would like to thank you for a great job yourself and Thomas did at my place.
Your thought process into how to construct and clean out the dams in relation to how the cattle drink and use the dams was great.
I saw some of the work you had done at a property near Bunyah and was immediately impressed by the way you constructed a bund wall to contain all the slop. In addition, the way you cleaned the dam out was a really professional job. Thankfully you did the same professional job at my place.
You had an array of implements which helped in the construction of the wall from the extension arms to the small pad foot roller. This all helped save time and made the job easy and neat.
Thanks again, I will definitely call next time we need dams constructed and cleaned."

— Peter D.
"Early in 2013 we made enquiries about hiring someone to clean out dams. I knew of Steve Gilbert Earthmoving as I had seen his yellow and black signs around our area. So I spoke to several property owners in our district and got glowing reports from people I knew.
Contacted Steve and arranged for him to come out to our property to look at our dams. Steve took the time to drive around quite a few dams on the farm visit, and at each dam he offered some suggestions on a possible outcome, even took the time to drive up the mountain to view 1 dam that I had mentioned. The area was in steep country and needed some lantana cleared and an access road through the bush to get to it. Steve assured me it could be done quite safely, although it hasn't been done yet it's on the to do list.

May 2013
Steve cleaned out 4 dams that were in poor condition, ie full of mud sludge, and one of them was totally full of sludge ferns you could almost walk over it, We were complete satisfied with all work methods, through the process there were open discussions to ensure we were satisfied.

November 2013
We invited Steve back to clean several more dams that were in extremely poor condition. We had revisited these dams and developed a plan of action with Steve so we had a clear understanding of the outcome. All work was completed again, we were extremely satisfied.

October 2014
We asked Steve back, this time with with his son Thomas and two excavators working as a team. The task this time was to clean out and rebuild an old dam that was full of sludge. Steve had previously suggested we pump the water out for a better outcome, which we did, a wise decision we got a great result, just like a new dam, we were more than satisfied. Next job was to build two new dams. Steve and Thomas assisted in position selection, the job went like clockwork, the communication between father and son all through the process was excellent, we were totally satisfied.
On all three occasions Steve gave us the opportunity to use our tractors to assist in the movement of mud sludge and the packing of the dam bank to save some money in the process."

— D & D Worth (Willina Road, Coolongolook)
"Gilbert Earthmoving are the most skilled and professional contractors we have met. They go out of their way to make sure they do the best job possible. We wouldn't use anyone else."

— Gary S. (Soper Brothers, Krambach)
"Just a little thanks to Steve and Thomas Gilbert for their excavation work at my property, 2610 The Bucketts Way, Belbora, in March 2015. As a landscaper, with over 30 years experience in the building and construction industry I have never seen a team of operators who are more capable and experienced in what they achieved for me with my property. The scope of works was varied and numerous. House and shed sites cut and filled to the mm, quite extensive tree removal and cleanup, new driveways, firepit, drainage swales, mounded contoured garden beds and also a new dam.

The team at Gilberts Earthmoving went above and beyond to make the job flow smoothly and within budget. I would be more than happy to refer them to anyone looking at getting similar works done as they are top blokes, awesome operators and like working with the client to achieve what they are looking for. Awesome work fellas will definetly be calling you back for more work down the track. Cheers."

— Greg Jones (Greg Jones Landscapes, Belbora)
"If you can find better in this sort of work than Steve Gilbert and his sons, you're doing well. I have had Steve at my farm on two occasions, during which time he has reconfigured and fixed the driveway, excavated around the shed, (with not much room to move), to improve the landscape for drainage, build a pad for stables, repaired dams, cleared lantana and fence lines and tidied weedy scrub. He's also repaired erosion sites and waterways.

His advice is considered and expert. His execution is timely, tidy and very impressive. His manner is courteous."

— Andrew H. (Candoormakh Creek Rd, Nabiac)
"To anyone wanting to have some earth moved or dams cleaned; My wife and I have a small farm; 106 acres; small herd of cattle; some very old dams and about 500 metres of drive to the house; all needing attention;

Steve Gilbert was referred by a friend who is particularly good at detecting "good contractors". I am glad I took his advice and had Steve and family clean out my 4 dams and repair the drive to the house;

Water runoff had left the drive difficult to navigate except to 4 wheel drives;
The dams were full of "run off" and far less than their capacity; Best points in working with Steve and sons; • Good advice on how to tackle the problems;
• Quality work; 71mm of rain the day following the drive repair and virtually no problems with any wash away;
• Understanding and concern about costs; Steve did find the least cost solutions without compromising quality;
• Very happy to have anyone inspect his work and answer any questions.

PS: We are not related and I do not get any commission for this endorsement;"

— Ian and Hedy S. (Dyers Crossing)
"Barrier Signs Pty Ltd needed to clear, excavate and level a factory block ready for foundations and concreting. SM & JA Gilbert Earthmoving were chosen for their professional attitude and confidence in achieving what we needed. They worked efficiently and extremely cost effectively, working with other professionals and communicating with us on a constant basis, offering ideas and solutions. The experience of dealing with them was problem free and unique, with their ability to sort through any issues, exceptional. I would highly recommend them for any project you are considering."

— Jeff C. (Managing Director of Barrier Signs, Taree)
"Initially SM & AJ Gilbert Earth Moving were engaged to complete a relatively small project of improving the access to our property. However, the scope of the work increased as we saw how thorough both Steve and Tom Gilbert were in undertaking the work. The work of the upgrade to the access road of over half a kilometre then increased to include the reconstruction of a culvert bridge, and the construction of the house mound to enable a new house to be built above flood level. Inspections of the house mound by geotech consultants indicated that the construction and compaction were well above the requirements of GTCC. We were pleased to know that work done by Gilberts Earth Moving was well above the standards required and that this would give us confidence into the future. We have since engaged Steve and Tom to do more excavation works around our property and we are confident again that the work will be done to the same high level of planning, materials used and standard of work."

— Susanne and Peter S. (Mitchells Island)
"We have had the privilege of knowing the Gilbert family for a generation and it has been great to see that the Stephen is engaging his own children in the family business. We live on an 1800 acre beef cattle property and have had two dams constructed from scratch and nine dams cleaned out.

Stephen takes a great deal of care in consulting us first to make sure the project is what we want. He is very careful regarding environmental and practical factors in the siting of the new dams. He marks out on the ground by use of a laser level where the water level will come to so that we were in no doubt as to what the dam would look like.
When the dams are complete they are not just dams but masterpieces. The second dam we had constructed had two excavators working and it was incredible how quickly the dam was made, it was great to see the father/son team working so well together. The finish of the dam was so good it could have been used as a BMX bike bowl.

Stephen and Tom were also engaged in cleaning out some very large dams at the back of the property. They pumped the dams out, scooped them out and reconstructed the dam walls. The dams came up very well and look like new dams.

We also had Stephen and Tom engaged in doing some clearing around an old dairy up the back of the property which we were also very pleased with.

Our new next door neighbour who is a Northern Beachers landscaper asked if we could recommend an excavator. We had no hesitation in recommending the Gilberts. The neighbour had them working for a couple of weeks. The neighbour said in all of his years working with machine operators he hadn't come across operators so friendly, capable and efficient. He had trees removed, a house site levelled, nursery site made, roads constructed and a second dam made. He even had Stephen come out the other day to get him to lift a number of roof beams for him while he tack welded them in place.

We are more than happy with the work of Gilbert's Earthmoving and have no hesitation of recommending them for any earthmoving or clearing that you may require."

— Arthur & Sally E. ("Glencush" Belbora Via Gloucester)
"I first came across Steve Gilbert Earthmoving sometime ago when he was cleaning a dam down the road on Cocumbark Lane. As I drove past I noticed how neat his work was, with the cotter dam built in the front of the dam to hold the sludge, and as I needed some dams cleaned out I had decided to go and see him next day. However, next day he had gone to another job. So quick at getting the job completed impressed me. About a month later I saw him again at a nearby property, noted his phone number from the banner he had displayed and booked him to come and clean out/deepen my main dam. (show before picture). On Steve's advice I drained the dam and then he proceeded to clean out the sludge with me on the tractor in the dam using my bucket to push the mud to him, thus saving time and money. The dam was deepened by about 3 metres and it now provides the property with a good body of water with minimal evaporation. (show after pictures)
I have since contracted Steve and his son Thomas two more times to clean out and rebuild/fill in dams on the property with excellent results. It is something to see these two working together, one on the dam wall and one in the dam with dancing arms of the excavators working in unison.
Doing little things like pushing out a stump or two when tracking between jobs is not a problem. It is the little things that count in this day and age that enables one contractor to stand out from the other and Steve is happy to help out within reason when asked.
Steve has excellent equipment for the task, is well organised, quick to complete the task, courteous and his rates are very competitive. I therefore highly recommend him and his team of one to anyone who requires earthmoving infrastructure upgrades on their property."

— Rick & Pam P. ('Cocumbark Lea', Krambach)